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HT-050 series mini

HT-050 mini

HT-050 mini


The new refrigerator HT-050 MINI e cooling system operated by the engine of the vehicle
. Suitable for use in vans and light trucks.

- Specially designed for fresh produce.
- Has a compact and simple structure.
- Low operating costs.
- Ultra Slim evaporator.


Model: HT-050 Mini R-134A

Temperature Kcal/h BTU/h Watt
1.7? 2000 7930 2323

Cooling gas

HFC R-134a


Airflow (Turbo Fan) 1100 ? / h

Compressor (engine powered)

SANDEN, SD5H11 (108cc), 2400rpm
VALEO TM-13HS (131cc)


12Vdc, AMP 22A
24Vdc, AMP 12A

Dimensions (mm)

mm Height Width Depth
Capacitor 188 722 385
Evaporator 177 650 589

Term of execution - up to 15 working days of order acceptance

Method of payment - negotiable

Warranty - 24 months from date of installation

The price includes complete installation and driver training.

For cars with air conditioning, the price may be increased.

You can purchase the product through stock credit and leasing.